About Us

Our dates are embraced by nature.

From a dates palm plantation surrounded by hills and a neighbouring mountain, spring, river, stream, reserve and valley; Henkries dates provide the best medjool variety. Reward your diet with our succulent sun-baked and river nourished dates. Ever wondered why they called “nature’s power fruit”? Our dates bear impeccable health properties.

From arid land with its variances, we grow natural sweetness with immense health benefits. Dates are renowned for being impacted with healthy fibres, minerals and vitamins:

  • Energy Booster – source of natural sugars for those wanting to avoid sugary preservatives
  • All-round Health Booster – reducing heart health disease and stroke risk, potassium can treat upset stomachs and relieving constipation, weight loss, source of iron in treating exhaustion, etc.

Henkries Dates are a discovery of the first counter-season production to the rest of the world. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, only the Northern Cape in South Africa and some part of Namibia can account for production of dates in a certain period of the year.